A.O. Scott of The New York Times Lauds HOWL


A.O. Scott of The New York Times lauds, “Howl does something that sounds simple until you consider how rarely it occurs in films of any kind. It takes a familiar, celebrated piece of writing and makes it come alive.”

Like critics across the country, A.O. Scott also raves about James Franco’s performance: “That power is manifested, above all, in Mr. Franco’s performance, which undoes (like Ginsberg himself, in person and on the page) any easy distinction between candor and guile. Reading in a San Francisco coffeehouse, Ginsberg is bold and diffident, smiling at his own bravado and wit and capturing a spirit that is oracular and playful in equal measure. He is a nervous young man in a white button-down shirt, a refugee from the Ivy League, the middle class and a New York mental institution, and also someone who has found in himself, almost by surprise, a wellspring of ecstatic inspiration.” Read the entire review here.